Your Vision in Clear Focus

If you need help mapping out a strategic vision for your investments, then look no further. We are Happel Financial and we look forward to helping you put your financial hopes and dreams in clearer focus.

First, we strive to see your viewpoint. At the beginning of the process, you paint us a picture of your dreams. The spotlight stays on you during the process and continues to shine brightly as the sun sets on your goals all the while you achieve shiny success. Once you illustrate your goals and dreams, our job is to help you paint in the details with color. You might describe that you want to buy a house in retirement. Our job is to ask the details. Where is the house located? In the city near a sparkling shopping mall or in the country near a colorful garden full of tomatoes and sunflowers? Will your house be sand-colored brick or an earth-colored log cabin? Do you want productive acreage or a small, worry-free yard? Illuminating the details allows us to put a realistic price tag on your dreams. The highlight of our day comes when we can present you with a plan that reflects your values so you can see a balance between the risks and the rewards.

Our asset management philosophy involves envisioning market changes, coupled with the foresight to react before the tide changes on market conditions. We observe many technical indicators that help foresee which investments have a visible advantage over others in the same category. We shed light on the supply/demand forces that indicates if market extremes are around the bend. Most investors make costly mistakes when markets are at the point of going over the foggy edge. Happel Financial looks to take the emotion out of investing by keeping a close eye on our standardized guidelines to help keep your portfolio away from that precipice.

Lastly, Happel Financial offers comprehensive financial planning services that help you envision your goals and dreams more clearly. We will portray a picture of your current financial situation. Then we will help you visualize consequences of inaction while providing a glimpse of the future if you choose to go in another direction. With each “What If’ scenario, we will observe how the probability of success is altered as a result of each specific action. The glowing net result is a robust plan that can change an obscure possibility into a sharper image of your path forward.

Come See Us to Explore the Possibilities

Now that you’ve gotten a peek of our business model, let’s meet face-to-face to chart a course. E-mail us at or call 336-634-0650. The first appointment is free, whether in person or by phone. Sit back and enjoy the scenery of your life as you see yourself back in the driver’s seat.