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What is a Financial Gardener?

Just think about what a gardener does. Gardeners grow and look after plants in a range of settings. Knowing the complex relationship between plants, soil, and the environment is the reason you would hire such an expert. However, knowledge alone is not enough; the hard work needs to get done too. So, gardeners pull the weeds and fertilize the soil too. Their continuous vigilance is rewarded with both beauty and bounty. A true gardener is aware that they are merely a steward of the land, leaving it better for the next generation.

A Financial Gardener is for investments what a gardener is for plants. Our main job is to help you maximize the things you do with your money and minimize mistakes. Just as a certain plant has individual soil, shade, and sun needs, you need support that is specific to you. We take the time to understand the complex relationship between your personal situation and your dream garden. From there, we recommend and explain practical solutions. Our role is to help you make informed decisions about your money. We promise we will not have you do anything that does not feel right to you. Can you see the connection between growing money and growing tomatoes? What does your ideal garden look like?

growing money

We want to be your Financial Gardener.

Q: Why are those baby apples crying?

A: Because the Ma and Pa were in a Jam.

Founders of Happel Financial, LLC


The “trouble” began soon after they met. Brad and Rosalie worked in a very competitive sales environment selling insurance and annuities. Long hours, shared success, and an undeniable “chemistry” that led to a marriage proposal. Sales provided wonderful words and grand ideas but “service after the sale” was the missing link in that work setting. But they also believed in each other and two big ideas:

One: Service should eclipse sales - always.

Two: Success follows hard work and strong ethical practices.

That belief led to the creation of Happel Financial. The notion of a Financial Gardener grew out of years of practice at both growing vegetables and financial planning business. We are better together.  Join our “happe” community. Give us a call and tell us about how you want your garden to grow. Together, we can plan for your bumper crop.