Who is Rosalie Happel?

Rosalie Perdue Happel
Rosalie, a determined young lady, sewed and created this suit
for the Junior Miss of Peach County, Georgia scholarship program
for distinguished young women.

I am…

A mountain biker at riding our favorite bike trail, with Brad trying to keep up trailing behind me.

A reformed computer geek with experience writing programs. 

A self-taught herbalist taking my mother’s practices to a higher level.

A believer in balance of body, mind, and spirit. 

Proud of my Kentucky heritage, shooting straight with my rifle and my actions, and gardening in the summer and canning vegetables for the winter.

Sensitive to my inner voice, highly intuitive, and I have deep empathy for all living creatures.

Former Junior Miss of Peach County, Georgia, which was by the way not a beauty pageant, but a scholarship program for distinguished young women.

I am a very private person, so I understand the anxiety that comes with making yourself vulnerable, especially to new people. But the Happel Financial community is special to me and we can’t be real unless we are open. With our community, I have experienced stories of romantic wedding engagements, shared the loss of a spouse, laughed at the antics of grandchildren and even shared my “Milk Kefir” grains.

More people need to have an honest advocate to represent their interests. Will you lean into those fears with me? Together, sharing isn’t as scary. I’m thankful for the opportunity to get involved with some of the most hardworking and wonderful people I know through the Happel Financial Community.