Time of Season – Buy Low, Sell High

This song is about TODAY. It the time of the season for Bold Moves and Bargains. During this time, when uncertainty about COVID19 and the market is on everyone’s mind, my message is let your confidence and experience be the calm. Be Authentic! Be Proactive not Reactive! Look to the past to inform the future.

          And Don’t Worry - B Happe

Time of the Season – Modified from The Zombies 

       C               Em

Buy Low Sell High

C              Em                   Em G C

It's the Time, of the Season

C                         Em

When market are runs High

              Esm                            Em  G C

In this time, better take it easy

      Em                        G

It is time to Sell or Buy?

                                             Em                   G

(This trend will never End) Open up your Eyes!


(Yes it will, my Friend)

Em         D                G      C        C6           E

It's the time of the season to Seek Gains

C                Em

Buy Low, Sell High

C                 Em

Buy Low, Sell High

It’s the Time of the Season

When Fear in the market is High

At this time, better take is easy

Do not Fear (This trend will End)

Outcome Unclear (Yes it is, my Friend)

There is no reason to Pretend

It's the time of the Season to for Bargains

What's your name? Who's your Advisor

(He is Fun?) Is he Fun like Me?

Has he taken? Any time

To show you what you need to know,

(Tell it to me slowly) Tell you why.

(You really need to know)

In every time of the season, there are Reason.

It’s the Time of the season

When markets are Low

At this time, better take is easy

If you got Cash, you just might find a Steal

The price won’t Last, You might just find a Deal

Keep you hands on the Wheel

It the time of the Season for Bold Moves

Buy Low, Sell High

Buy Low, Sell High

Are you Worried?

Call Brad. Are you Frightened,

Call Me. Don’t Worry,

B Happe Don’t Worry, B Happe