Rosalie Happel

Rosalie Happel

Director of Business Intelligence

Rosalie earned a BS in statistics from North Carolina State University. She has a wonderful business mind and lives by the concept of multiple steams of income and mitigation of risk.

Working twelve years for Duke University Medical Center, Rosalie began as an accounting clerk and was promoted to data analyst/programmer. She then re-invented herself from a computer nerd to a financial advisor in a very competitive sales environment. She excelled in establishing common ground with her clients, which led to her becoming a mentor for other advisors to teach them ethics along with the sales of investments and insurance products.

Raising her daughter as a single mom and losing both her parents when her daughter was just two years old has made Rosalie independent, smart, and fierce. Given her journey, Rosalie believes that life is too short and too precious not to have fun. “We choose joy". We can choose to live a life of dread because we have failed to plan with what we have been given, or we can put plans into place to make our life less stressful.”

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