Brad Happel, CFP®, AAMA®, AWMA®

Brad Happel, CFP®, AAMA®, AWMA®

CFP® Professional

Brad holds two BS Degrees. One in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and one in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Western Carolina University. Brad worked as an electrical control engineer for more than 10 years building and maintaining manufacturing facilities, developing both his management and engineering skills.

While working as a professional engineer, Brad created a thriving wholesale/retail business. “A hobby that got out of control,” this business evolved from a small store-front selling consignment folk art, to a coffee bar, to a “paint your own pottery” shop. The effort was so great and profitable that he left his engineering job.

After selling that business, Brad turned his attention to understanding investment practices and how electrical control theories could apply in this business. Creating a good financial plan is both art and science. The art part is more about how a person feels about the risk of the market. The science involves putting a group of investments together to determining the proper return of investment, minimal standard deviation, positive Alpha, and blah, blah, blah. These statistical facts Brad can explain in a plain-spoken folky fashion.

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