“Over The Rainbow” Judy Garland from Wizard of OZ

“Someday”, modified by Brad Happel


C       Am       Em       C             F            C

Someday, I’ll find an advisor, This I will do,

F      Fm     C       A7       Dm                        G7             C       G7

Who I will learn turn to when life gives me something new.

C       Am             Em                   C             F       C

My wealth is not measured by a balance, this is true.

F   Fm      C                    A7            Dm           G7            C       G7

My worth, echoed in my values, my friends, & things I do.



One day I find the one I love

       F                                         Dm7     G7

And wake up to find children all around me.


Money trouble comes & goes,


What may happen, no one know

D7                               G7            Dm7             G7

Plan for the worst but “what if” all goes just right.


Someday I get that call, 


“She’s all right, his hands so small,

                                                Dm7          G7

I want to be the first to call you Grandpa.”


C   Am        Em          C               F         C

Today, I’ll find that life coach, now I see.

F  Fm       C             A7     Dm    G7    C       G7

I know it not about me, it is my legacy.

C    Am        Em          C             F          C

Somewhere over the rainbow, Bluebirds fly

F       Fm C            A7         Dm             G7     C       G7

Birds fly over the rainbow, Why then, oh why can't I?

    C                                       Dm

If happy little bluebirds fly, Beyond the rainbow

    G                        C

Why, oh why can't I?