Life is Better with a Plan

This song was modified for “Life Get TeeJus, Don’t it” originally by Carson Jay Robison, 1890 -1957: Modified by Brad Happel

The original song was re-recorded by the likes of Doc Watson, Hank Williams Jr. and even Walter Brennan recorded a spoken version. One of Carson Jay Robison’s most recognizable songs was "Barnacle Bill the Sailor”.

This is a Song about a man who needs plan, but he got a referral from a squirrel.

Original: “Life Gets Tee-Jus, Don’t It.” 

by Doc Watson

“Life Always Better with a Plan”

By re-imagined Brad Happel


The sun goes up


And the sun goes down


And he hands on the clock 


Goes around and round


I just get up


And shucks, it’s time to lay down,


Life’s always better with a plan


My shoes untied, but shuck, I don’t care

I reckon I’m not a goin’ anywhere

I’d wash my face and comb my hair

But it’s too much wasted effort


I open the door, & the flies swam in

I close the door. & I’m sweatin' again

And in the process, I cracked my shin

Life’s always better with a plan.


The cow went dry, & hen won’t lay

All the fish quit biting Saturday

My troubles keep pilling day by day

And now I’m a getting’ Dandruff


I sent my boy off to music school

And he promised to learn every rule

Now he’s back, and what do you know?

Living in the basement with an old banjo


I reach for my wallet, I got no cash

Look down at the gage, the car’s out of gas

It’s cold outside, I find my bottle of booze

Miles from home, get out my waking shoes


There’s a mouse a gnawing on my cupboard door

I guess he’s been at it a month or more

When he’s finished, he’ll sure be sore

There’s not a durn thing in it!


You can ask my honey, I been feeling kinda crummy

Everybody knows I not so good with money

I ask my friend the squirrel, to make me a referral.

I know his nuts are safe from winter peril


The death and taxes Pain and Woe

And aches and misery

And now I’ve got a cold in my nose

Like’s always better with a plan


The sun goes up & the sun goes down

And the hands on the clock goes around & around

I just get up and shucks, it’s time to lay down

Tomorrow always better with a plan!


Just go downtown, I not fooling around

Ask Brad, my man, for a plan!!