Happe Days are here again



Food not consumed was given to Reidsville's Fire Department

Thank you for your service !!

Happe Days are here again! Welcome to Happe Days Customer Appreciation Event. Rosalie and I, and Mary, (Say hello Mary) are so glad that you all could come. Before we eat, I wanted to say a few words.

Rosalie and I have been in Reidsville for more than 12 years. We have seen many changes in this Happe Community. A brand-new Market Square, new two-lane roads on Scales, a new bridge outside my office, new restaurants in town. We even got a Walmart! You can’t stop the future. You can’t rewind the past. Just press play button and hold on to your values and enjoy the ride. No one cares more about helping you reach your goals and dream than this team. Compassion is the currency that leads to wealth.

This Happe Community, you, and everyone one in this room, and even our friends that could not make it, represents the most meaningful thing we have ever done in our lives. We have committed ourselves to be Financial Gardeners. We are your Financial Gardeners.

Financial Gardening is my passion. I am driven to learn, to innovate, and solve the puzzles that are your financial lives. This job, for me, is truly an intersection between curiosity and engineering. It is a blessing, a skill, the call we heard that resonated with us. This is how can we give back in some meaningful way to this community. Helping people and families make good decisions about their money is how we serve this community. Spreading the word about financial literacy, even to second graders, and providing advice to families is our core business principle. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest place in your heart”.

Rosalie and I have decided that it is our Duty, Obligation and Responsibility to grow our business. This business will be here and thriving long after we are no longer able to serve it. It is our Duty, Obligation and Responsibility to you to grow and succeed just like it is your Duty, Obligation and Responsibility to provide for your families. We will bring on staff members to help us grow. New paint and Carpet and an innovative office make over is coming. We will re-design the office to showcase our strength in Financial Planning. This re-design will help me, help you decide some big questions. Like when and how to file for Social Security. Are you saving enough to retire? How do you use your retirement without making costly mistakes? Are the most important things in your financial life protected? And how do I develop a legacy for my family? How do leave this old world better that I found it?

But at the heart of all of that we do is you. You have me. You have Happel Financial. We want to serve you to the best of our ability. We will recommend & explain practical solutions. If you know someone who needs advice, do not keep us a secret. This is OUR Happe Community.

Our Mission is service!