Happe Days

Happel Financial first came to Main Street in April 2006. We were strangers in this community, but we had a mission.

*To take all our skills and abilities, all our passion and drive and give it to our adopted community in Reidsville.

*To study everyone’s investments closely to make recommendations that advance the purpose of the money.

If we did these things, we could make a positive difference in the lives of this community.

Now, Happel Financial has been in the Reidsville for more than 10 years. This is a special community, diverse and unique. It is made up of factory workers, practical farmers, business owners and many other hard workers just trying to make a living. Walking with you as your children have gone to school, started new families, and even laid your neighbors to rest have created a close bond between us and the community we serve. We are changed for the better by this privilege.

To celebrate the years that the Reidsville community has made Happel Financial feel welcome, the Happe Days event was created. The concept was simple and overdue: To serve as a humble Thank You for making Happel Financial NOT feel like strangers anymore. This is the beginning of a tradition of having a simple fellowship with OUR community. We have shared laughs and tears together in our office but this a chance to share a meal as friends and neighbors.

Don’t worry, Happe Days will be here again!

Al Crowder 

Butch Curtis 

Bill Wheeler 

Carl Soyar 

Chester Vincent 

Dafne Strader 

Harold Smith 

Leigh Curtis 

Kathy Soyar


Lola Petty


Nelda Royal


Sam Petty


Sherry Ellis

Tina Vincent


Veronica Harris


Al and Zell