The Groovy CFP® Professional

Abraham Lincoln said, ”Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharping the Axe”.

Ever since I began this career, I have taken the time to keep my Axe sharp.  After passing the CFP® Exam, I now have more letters after my name than in my name.  Why do I do it?  Because I want to be prepared to serve you with my best when your need arises.

Brad Happel, CFP®, AWMA®, AWMA®.

CFP® Professional

Your Financial Gardner

The Groovy CFP® Professional

C  C/B  C(sn) G

I am a CFP® Professional

C        C/B     C(sn)     G

Financial worries, Come to me

C       C/B    C(sn)       G

Tell me all your Dreams & Sorrows

C          C/B       C(sn)      G

We make a plan for a better tomorrow

C         C/B               C(sn)   G

Doo-ait-n-doo-doo, you’ll be feeling groovy

C     C/B      C(sn)    G
Ba da-da da-da, feeling groovy


I am a CFP®  Professional

Financial worries, Won’t you talk to me

How you gonna send your kids to school?

Cost is so High & There are so many rules

Can you manage your debt & all of the rest?

Talk to me, I’m a CFP® Professional

Doo-ait-n-doo-doo, CFP® Professional
Ba da-da da-da, CFP® Professional


Hello investment, what'cha knowing
I have got ideas to help your money growin'
Don’t you want your funds to last?

You time for retirement is coming up fast

Inflation & taxes, Prescription pills

Just thinking of all this is making me ill

Talk to me, CFP® Professional

Ba da-da da-da, CFP® Professional


You got deeds to do & promises to keep

But you are dappled & drowsy & ready to sleep

Won’t you share your Financial burdens with me

When you do, you’ll be feeling groovy

Life, I love you, when all is groovy

Ba da-da da-da, feeling groovy