Financial Gardener Song

The Financial Gardener Song was modified from the Garden Song by Dave Mallet and performed by Brad Happel.

“Brad Has suffered for his music. Now it is your turn”  Financail Gardener dark green and yellow

The Financial Gardener song – Dave Mallet original lyrics. then something happened.

[C]Inch by inch, [F]row by [C]row,
[F]Gonna make this [C]garden grow,
[F]All it takes is a [C]rake and a hoe,
And a [D7] piece of fertile [G]ground.

Pulling weeds and picking stones,
man is made of dreams and bones
Feel the need to grow my own
'cause the time is close at hand

Inch by Inch, Row by Row,
Gonna make your Money Grow.
All it takes is a little Dough,
and a financial gardener!

Rocks and peat, clay or sand,
Match your seed to the proper land.
You need a financial plan,
And your money starts to grow.

Snow & cold, sun and rain,
Every season is not the same.
Save some money, that’s the game,
with a financial gardener!

Dream big dreams, and let’em know,
What at the end of your rainbow?
Sooner start and sooner go
Big trees start from a seed.

[C]Inch by inch, [F]row by [C]row,
[F]Someone bless these [C]seeds I sow,
[F]Please warm them [C]from below,
'Till the [D7] rain comes [G7] tumblin' [C]down