Financial Literacy Song

Original “Addam’s Family” By Vic Mizzy

Financial Literacy, an invitation to learn

Is Financial Literacy important to you?

Why do they not teach this in school?

Do you want the put the “fun” back in fundamental.

Want to talk about your MONEY?

       G7           C

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     A7         D

I think I’m ill. Click Click

A7              D       A                 D          G7                   C

Find me a pill, maybe I’ll heal, that is the deal. Click Click

                    C                                          F

It feels creepy and sometimes kooky

            G7                C

Mysterious and spooky

              C                              F

It feels all together ooky

      G7                C

Financial Literacy !

Let’s put fun in fundamental

Look at elemental

Brad is professional

Financial Literacy !

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Stop your procrastinating

It might be fascinating

Financial Literacy

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