Subterranean blues by the immortal Bob Dylan was the perfect canvas for the parity of the new world we find ourselves in during the Covid 19 times.

“Covid 19 Homesick blues.”, modified by Brad Happel


Covid 19 Homesick Blues: Bob Dylan, Capo V

E7                          E

Johnny's in the basement, mixing up the medicine

E7                    E

I'm on the pavement, Feeling like a patient

E7                    E

Man on a cruise ship, Hand out, bad cough

E7                  E

Now I’m laid-off, Looking for my pay-off


Look out kid, it’s not something you did

            E7                        E

God knows when, but we’re doing it again

                    E7                   E

You duck down to Trade Joe, looking for the Charmin.


Can’t find it, anyway, find it quite alarming

                E7                            E         

This is more important than all your global warning!


Maggie starts coughin’, She does it quite often

We all start plotting, Where to put her coffin

Another Covid day, Is on its way

Go away by early May, maybe longer anyway

Look out kid, get off the grid

Don’t shake hands, watch for swollen glands,

Stay away from those who carry rounded Virus

To keep a clean nose, maybe use Papyrus

Can’t find tissues, they are horded by some Pirates


Ah, all good, get sick, better keep your distance

Try to get assistance, better have persistence.

Confined, combined with work from home, you cannot roam.

Look out Kid, Keep yourself Hid

Your effort is for mankind, Covid on the Decline


Get behind, the outline, bear in mind we’re saving Lives!

Wish you all peace of mind, as we live in Quarantined!


Investment, assessment, market’s in the basement.

Call you advisor, you think me might be wiser

Buy low, sell high, I think he is a miser.

Look out kid, the markets have slid.

Talk though for fears, wipe away your tears

All happiness & cheer. When end is drawing near,

By this time next year we be toasting with pint of Beer!


I got these Covid 19 stay at home, Homesick Blues

Financail Gardener dark green and yellow